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 Trinity Von Catalano

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PostSubject: Trinity Von Catalano    Trinity Von Catalano  Icon_minitimeWed May 16, 2018 10:42 pm

Name: Trinity Von Catalano


16 Years Old

Bisexual (Attracted to both men and women)

Before coming to Camp Half-Blood, Trinity was a very gentle woman. Though at first glance, she doesn’t seem like this. When around others, you can expect Trinity to act very kind and caring towards others, always trying to make sure that the people around her aren’t in any distress or disarray. Trinity also regularly puts others and their problems before her own, her selflessness showing the majority of the time. By no means is she shy, but her actions seem to suggest this when she is confronted by most other people, with Trinity having difficulties speaking. However, after coming to Camp Half-Blood, she has acted much more cautious and reserved, leading to her not interacting with many other people. She still does show her gentle personality in the camp, but it occurs much less.

Flaws (three or more):
As stated before, Trinity seems to conceal rather than open up about the majority of things, even her problems. This leads to her problems building up more and more, to the point where it’s difficult for her to solve them all, leading to her breaking down and her performance taking a big hit. Another big flaw that Trinity has includes her ability, which allows her to become younger than she actually is. The problem in this lies in the fact that it’s extremely hard for her to control it, her age seeming to change depending on what kind of mood she’s in. For instance, due to her reserved personality as of joining Camp Half-Blood, she’s 16 years old, but looks as though she’s only 12. And if suddenly, she was to become angry, her body would accommodate for this and change her appearance to an older age, whether that be 14 or 16. She also often gets confused by her constant changing of age, leading to her fear of acting differently.

Along with this, Trinity has self-confidence problems, mostly coming from her past life before Camp Half-Blood. If anyone were to compliment on her abilities or skills, the girl will opt to deny it, saying that the compliments are complete and utter lies. This also gets in the way of making friends, as surprisingly, a lot of people are put off by Trinity due to denying any and all good comments about her. Trinity, because of this, doesn't always believe in her talents, giving up on new things only after a few tries if she doesn't have it down. She believes that not being able to be successful at things may waste people's time, and she doesn't want to do that.

Finally, Trinity is very moody, when it comes to being around others. One moment, she'll be happy to be around them and the next moment, she'll be apologizing for something completely stupid. This tends to happen a lot around those who she doesn't actually know or trust, though it still happens. Before coming to Camp Half-Blood, she didn't always have this, but for the time that she has been there, the process of having a hard time making acquaintances, along with her self-confidence issues and constantly changing body has brought this upon her.

Eye color:
Trinity’s eyes are a dark blue, though the appearance does seem to change constantly when in different lighting.  Though when she's trying to hide her emotions, it never goes well, as a quick look at her eyes, the emotions seem to flow.

Hair description:
Trinity’s hair is normally a light brown, but this was changed before she left for Camp Half-Blood. Currently, her hair has been dyed to a light-green, as she had always wanted to have greenish hair. It always made her feel...mystic, in a way. Her hairstyle consists of her extremely curly hair, the curls themselves both long and wavy. It reaches down to Trinity’s shoulders, where it abruptly stops.

Normally, Trinity stands at an average 5 foot, 8 inches tall (about 1.7 meters), which was her height before coming to Camp Half-Blood. This isn’t correct now, however, as her height is now normally around 5 foot, 2 inches (about 1.5 meters), with this changing depending on her mood. (Will be described more in Abilities)

Skin Tone:
Trinity's skin appears to be a light peachy color, with many small freckles covering her arms and face. Though it's not always visible, her skin color lightens as she changes her appearance to reflect younger ages and do the reverse when aging forward.

Along with her skin, Trinity’s ethnicity is white. She shares little to no traits with other ethnicities.

Body structure:
Trinity’s body is something most people would be called lean. Her body looks to be completely healthy, though, for most people, she isn’t the busty type.

Other details?: Trinity normally wears very baggy clothes, her favorite outfit being a pink pull-up jacket that she had worn when just before coming to Camp Half-Blood. She washes it herself every chance she gets, wearing it for days on end. It’s the last piece of her old life that she enjoys hanging onto.

Place of Birth (city, state, country):
Miami, Florida, United States of America

Mortal Parent:
Rubio Von Catalano, a politician always running for state/town office in Miami, Florida

God Parent:
Hebe, The Goddess of Youth

Abilities (doesn't use energy to do):
Just as Hebe has the ability to turn those around her younger for a short period of time, Trinity carries this ability in a different way. She can make herself become older and younger by either using her ability or not. However, Trinity still has no idea on how to actually use this. This results in her not having complete control of the ability, making her appearance change almost randomly. It also increases or decreases her strength, with the older Trinity being, the more strength she’ll have. Due to her personality, though she is 16 years old, she looks to be only 12.

Powers (uses energy to do):

Pets (if any):

History (four sentences or more):
Rubio Von Catalano had been a politician for as long as he could remember, starting at only 21. His plentiful runs for office didn’t normally seem to go very well, as what he stood for wasn’t always something that people enjoyed. However, this all changed when he moved to Miami, Florida, where he finally ran in the election for the title of Miami's mayor and miraculously won. He called this the best day of his entire life, though it would seem slightly ironic, as at his victory party, Hebe, disguised as a mortal named Fiona, had recently visited an elderly home right across the street to listen to their tales, secretly slowing their aging as thanks. She was just about to leave, until Rubio, drunk and delirious, saw her and approached, asking if she would be interested in coming to his celebration party. Not wanting to be rude with the mortal, she agreed and accompanied him back to the party.

One thing led to another, and by the next day, Trinity had come into existence, though with Rubio’s memory being obscured not to remember what had happened the previous night. The first thought that Rubio had was to give up the child he had created, as he didn’t feel as though he would be ready! However, he very quickly felt as though giving up the child for adoption would ruin his career, so he decided to keep her, naming the child after his grandmother: Trinity. For the first few years of Trinity’s father, due to keeping the child, had actually boosted his support, as he was now an only father and (to the public’s knowledge) a good one at that. Rubio did his very best to take care of his daughter, though at the same time making sure to bring Trinity everywhere he went. For the publicity, of course. To places like the grocery store, to even an archery store, where she was taught the basics to using a bow. This was, of course, to get publicity for Rubio, as he so desperately needed it.

As Trinity reached the age of five, things started to become harder for Rubio. He had been in office for five years and though as mayor, he was doing all of the actions that the people of Miami wanted, people wanted change, and Rubio couldn’t have that. On Trinity’s first day of school, Rubio made sure to broadcast the entire time to get more publicity, which did benefit him. At the time, Trinity wouldn’t really know what was happening, But as she continued to grow, she would. This reality of her father would become apparent as she turned 12 and with her new venture to Middle School. Once again, Rubio, now running for the U.S Senate, had broadcasted the entire event, which was only Trinity entering the Middle School for the first time. She hadn’t acted perfectly and because of this, Rubio had yelled at her after going back to her house. Trinity never acted up again. And though she was never abused or anything such as that, she was neglected, to where the people who acted more like her parents were the parents of her friends. And this shaped Trinity’s personality to what it is today. She didn’t want anyone to feel neglected as she did, doing her best from then on to be as kind and supportive as she could.

One of these friends, who she had known for almost all of her life, named Theodore, began to notice something peculiar with Trinity during the time they had been friends. Everything seemed to be fine with the girl, up until she turned 16. During this time, she would mysteriously miss school for days on end and upon investigation, Trinity’s appearance seemed to change, as if she was suddenly 10 years old again. Theodore had first sensed it when they first met and this confirmed it. She had to be a demigod, since no normal human’s appearance and physique could change so quickly. This meant that Theodore was a Satyr of course, but he had always been.

The next day after coming to this conclusion, Trinity had missed school once again, so Theodore had traveled back to her home, to tell her his findings and take her to somewhere that was much safer. Though upon arrival, everything seemed to go perfectly fine. Trinity was still in disarray because of her constant changing of ages, but she reluctantly agreed to go along. If she was in danger AND she could get away from her father, that would probably be perfect. They did run into some problems rather quickly, however. Just as the two were about to step out of Trinity’s house and start on their journey, in the street in front of her laid a giant scorpion, almost the size of an entire minivan! At first, Trinity was confused at the sight, as she had no idea what it was, which was the stark contrast to Theodore’s reaction, which was complete fear. The Satyr assumed that one of Cronus’s followers had sent it here, but why such a big creature for only one demigod?

And a battle followed suit quite quickly after this. Trinity was suddenly thrust with a bow that, to her knowledge, had appeared out of nowhere, and was tasked with shooting the scorpion’s eyes. Theodore would provide backup to her, distracting it. This seemed to work for the majority of the battle, as her shots seemed to hit their mark, even with the scorpion jumping large distances as it tried to attack the two. Though they celebrated too early, with Trinity running over to the Satyr and beginning to ask the many questions she really wanted to be answered when they assumed the scorpion had been defeated. But as they talked, out of the corner of Trinity’s eyes, she saw the tail of the defeated scorpion jerk forward, aimed directly at Theodore. Without a single thought in her mind, the demigod shoved the Satyr out of the way, putting herself in harm's way. And at that moment, with no fear in her, Trinity afterwards jumped forward once again, back to her 16 year old self.

This is the last Trinity remembers of the events. Though from what Theodore explained to her, she had been stung and blacked out after only a few second. The Satyr had killed the Pit Scorpion quickly afterward, finding Trinity laying on the ground with a larger red welt located on her left arm. To her luck, Theodore had learned the arts of medicine well before the fight and was able to treat the demigod the best he could. After this, she was taken to Camp Half-Blood, where she finally awoke two days later. She’s been there ever since, which has only been about three weeks.

Apologies in advance for the poor quality! The history is kind of all over the place, but because this is my first Camp Half-Blood character, I wasn’t really sure on how to write it. I do still hope that it’s at least enjoyable to read, though! And with that, thank you for your time and have a good rest of your day!

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PostSubject: Re: Trinity Von Catalano    Trinity Von Catalano  Icon_minitimeWed May 16, 2018 11:37 pm

Approved. And this was great quality!

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Trinity Von Catalano
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