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 All is fair in love and war (Open)

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All is fair in love and war (Open) Empty
PostSubject: All is fair in love and war (Open)   All is fair in love and war (Open) Icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2018 5:39 pm

Thunk. An arrow slammed into the head of a human shaped target about half way down the range, the shaft quivered from the force of the impact. Another arrow thudded into the chest, followed by a third punching into it's left shoulder. A small demigod stood at the other end of the range, loosing another trio of arrows at a different target, this one further away. Two of the arrows hit the target this time, one in the midsection the other, hitting a wooden shield. By the feet of the small legionnaire lay two spent quivers, the third slung over her shoulder was half full. The range and the targets on it were peppered with arrows, it looked like it had lost a fight with the world's largest hedgehog. The hour was early, there were other people at the field, some using throwing weapons or fighting with swords. Valerie preferred the bow, it was one of the few weapons she happened to be good at.

Valerie was small, petite in build with long curly dark brown hair, her dark brown eyes displayed her weary frustration. She was tired, both from her practice but also from many nights of difficult, disturbed sleep. Ever since she returned to camp, Valerie found sleep to be all but impossible. It drained her slowly. She longed for a peaceful, restful deep sleep, which just never appeared to come. At least the camp was by and large, the same. Even if all the faces were different. It sometimes still hurt her mind to think about it, the time difference. All those years trapped in the lotus casino. It felt to her like only a few weeks if that. She selected another arrow, notching it on her short bow, calmly she drew the string back and loosed off another arrow. The whole motion came to her natural, though by Valerie's own nature she happened to be a healer, rather than a fighter.
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All is fair in love and war (Open)
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