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 Mickey D

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Cassandra Valance
Cassandra Valance

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PostSubject: Mickey D   Mickey D Icon_minitimeSat May 26, 2018 9:04 pm

Name: Mikayla Destiny “Mickey D” Aries
Age: 18
Gender:  F
Sexuality: Hetero
Faceclaim: Olivia Holt

Personality: Mikayla—or, as she likes to go by, Mickey D—is a natural leader. She thrives in situations where she has to take the initiative and tries to work through every situation thrown at her. While she’s open to other people’s opinions and will take them into consideration, Mickey D has a stubborn streak; once she makes up her mind, it’s nigh impossible for her to go back on it. Despite her loyalty to New Rome, she’s not afraid of going against her superiors’ orders in favor of what she thinks will work. She considers her cohort family. The most unusual aspect of her, however, is her odd relationship with her younger brother Christopher. Mickey D has always viewed him as an annoying little twat, and he has definitely gotten on her nerves more so than any other being on the planet. However, if someone so much as gives her younger brother a dirty look, she will rain Tartarus down of their asses.

Flaws: Stubborn, easily riled by younger brother, will break the rules if they go against her gut
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 115 lbs.
Race/skin tone: Caucasian; tan
Body type: Mesomorph; very fit

Place of birth: New Rome
Mortal parent: Thomas Aries, son of Vertumnus
God parent: Bellona
Legacy of: Vertumnus


  • Naturally better at fighting than the average demigod

  • Immediately knows how to fight with any weapon upon touching it

  • Can find her way through any forest

  • Can detect nearby nature spirits such as naiads, dryads, etc.


  • Inspiration. As a daughter of Bellona, Mickey D can inspire those around her to be brave and perform up to 50% better in combat. This effect lasts for seven posts with a three post cool-down. How often she uses this will affect her rate of exhaustion.

  • Intimidation. Mickey D can cause her opponent(s) to perform up to 45% less than normal in combat. This effect lasts for five posts with a four post cool-down. How often she uses this will affect her rate of exhaustion.

  • Prediction. Mickey D can predict her opponent’s next three moves once per topic.

  • Plant Manipulation. As a legacy of Vertumnus, Mickey D can manipulate plant growth. She can control plants within a ten-foot radius for six posts with a two post cool-down, twenty-foot radius for four posts with a three post cool-down, and a thirty-foot radius for two posts with a five post cool-down. How often she uses this will affect her rate of exhaustion.

  • Shape-Shifting. To some extent, Mickey D can shape-shift. She can cause herself to appear as an older or younger woman for five posts with a four post cool-down. How often she uses this will affect her rate of exhaustion.

Weapon(s): a two-handed IG falx, an IG gladius and shield, and several IG javelins
Talents: fighting, strategy, dancing, gardening, and cooking

History:  Mickey D was born to demigod Thomas Aries and goddess of war Bellona in New Rome, where she has spent most of her life. As the oldest child in one of Rome’s oldest families, she grew up knowing that she had a lot of expectations to fill. Because of this, Mickey D trained rigorously to become the best Legionnaire she possibly could, and her life has basically revolved around the Legion. Despite her stubbornness and truancy streak, Mickey D because Centurion of the Second Cohort at the age of fourteen, and she’s remained so for going on four years.

Notes: Second Cohort Centurion, expected to retire and attend NRU soon.

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PostSubject: Re: Mickey D   Mickey D Icon_minitimeSun May 27, 2018 8:35 am


Jason Sungo, son of Hecate~17 (Cabin Leader)
Finn Reddy, son of Cupid~17 (5th Cohort)
Carter Virgo, son of Mars, legacy of Volturnus~17 (1st Cohort Centurion)
Stanley Summers, son of Apollo~17
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Mickey D
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