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 Amber Patterson

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Cassandra Valance
Cassandra Valance

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PostSubject: Amber Patterson   Amber Patterson Icon_minitimeSat May 26, 2018 5:45 pm

Name: Amber Patterson

Age: 18

Gender: F

Sexuality: Hetero

Faceclaim: Natalia Dyer


Place of Birth: Cleveland, OH

Race/skin color: Caucasian, fair complexion

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 105 lbs.

Body type: Ectomorph; very slim

Mortal parent(s): Luke Patterson (father) and Helen Seabolt-Patterson (stepmother)

God parent: Atë, goddess of mischief, delusion, ruin, and folly


  • Superhuman Speed. Like her godly mother, Amber possesses the power to run at an unmatched pace. She can run at speeds up to 65 mph for two posts with a three post cool-down, 50 mph for four posts with a five post cool-down, 40 mph four six posts with an eight post cool down, and 30 mph for up to ten posts with a twelve post cool-down. How much she exerts herself will affect her rate of exhaustion.

  • Delusion. As the daughter of Atë, Amber possesses the power to cause characters to become delusional and believe whatever Amber wishes. She can do this to one person for up to five posts with a one post cool-down, two people for up to four posts with a two post cool-down, three people for up to three posts with a two post cool-down, and four or more people for up to two posts with a three post cool-down. How much she does this will affect her rate of exhaustion. Those with strong wills can resist this.

  • Ruin. Once per topic, Amber can cause a character to make a choice that will prove to end very badly for them. This can be resisted by those with strong will.

Abilities: Amber can naturally make characters feel reckless without any expense of energy. When two or more characters are feeling hostile towards each other, her presence can make them try to argue or fight with each other. She can control both of these abilities.

Personality: Despite her apparent closed-off attitude towards people, Amber is actually a very caring individual who is willing to do anything to help others. Partially because of her background, she will go out of her way to watch out for people who she thinks need support. While she doesn't really open herself up to people she just met, she is a very loyal person once you get to know her and will at least try to be good-natured even if you don't. She definitely will flip the rules the bird in favor of helping a fellow demigod any day. However, she is also very bitter towards the gods and blames them for the reason her family fell apart. Because of this, she feels a certain need to do whatever she can to help her fellow demigods, regardless of the price.

Talents: Shooting firearms, footraces, gymnastics, baking muffins, talking to people

Flaws: Very bitter towards the gods, loyal to a fault, bottles up anger instead of dealing with it, goes more by what she deems as right than the rules

Weapon(s): Two pistols that shoot CB bullets, a cartridge of ammo that always returns to her and always has at least twelve CB bullets in it, and a CB dagger

History: Amber Patterson was born to Luke Patterson, a real estate agent, and Atë, the goddess of ruin and folly, after the two met at a bar when Luke's career was at an all-time low. Despite Luke's efforts to be a good father, Atë's continued presence in his and Amber's lives made every thing he did backfire. He later married Helen Seabolt, a high school music teacher, in hopes that she would somehow bring their family together. Atë became very jealous, and the Pattersons' lives became a living hell.

As both her father and stepmother spiraled into depression and drug abuse, Amber found herself left to mostly fend for herself. In order to keep herself busy, she convinced her father to let her go into gymnastic and to the shooting range, skills she kept with her for the rest of her life. Her relationship with the rest of her family remained strained, though, and she eagerly left for Camp Half-Blood with a satyr five years ago, and she's remained there ever since.

Likes: Pizza, watching the Olympics, eating pistachios, coffee, and musicals

Dislikes: Soap operas, most country music, mornings, days when it's humid outside, and clowns

Relationship statues: Single and open to relationship

Notes: Alternate spellings of Atë (pronounce AI-tee or AH-tee) are Até and Aite. Amber's use of firearms is due to her being of legal age to purchase one and was approved by Mason.
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PostSubject: Re: Amber Patterson   Amber Patterson Icon_minitimeSat May 26, 2018 7:20 pm


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Amber Patterson
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