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 Having no real plans sucks

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PostSubject: Having no real plans sucks   Sat May 26, 2018 4:12 pm

Today Victoria had no plans for anything at all. So the girl decided to take the walk around the camp until she ended up near the lake. She has always found this place one of the most beautiful places here. The girl looked at the lake and was in her own thoughts awhile standing edge of it. She wasn't here to swim for sure, she didn't even have clothes for it and she won't go swim in her clothes or underwear. She just doesn't like do it.

Anyways she was spending some time alone and with her own thoughts. She knew it might not be for long. There is always someone who ends up disturbing Tori when she is in her thoughts. Even if she usually doesn't mind it but then again depends of the person.
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Having no real plans sucks
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