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 Alaska North ~ Daughter of Chione

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Alaska North ~ Daughter of Chione Empty
PostSubject: Alaska North ~ Daughter of Chione   Alaska North ~ Daughter of Chione Icon_minitimeThu May 24, 2018 4:12 pm

Name: Alaska North
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexuality: Pan

Personality: Cold (haha) on the outside and rude to anyone she meets, but becomes more friendly and warm when she gets closer to someone
Flaws (three or more): She cant control her powers when she gets emotional, she seams very unapproachable, has a dislike for most people, fears hurting someone on accident with her powers.
Eye color: really light blue thats close to white
Hair description: Long platinum blonde hair
Height: 5ft 4
Skin tone: pale
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Body structure: Lean and a little curvy
Other details?:

Place of Birth (city, state, country): Juneau, Alaska, USA
Mortal Parent: George North
God Parent: Chione (The roman for of Khione)
Abilities (doesn't use energy to do): where ever she is its just naturally colder.
Powers (uses energy to do): Cyrokinesis
Controlling snow, ice, hail, sleet, frost.
The ability to create or summon blizzards and hailstorms.
Project jets of swirling ice and snow from one's hands.
Freezing people and objects
Immunity to cold.
The ability to create ice constructs.
Pets (if any): N/A

History (four sentences or more):Born in Juneau she did attend schooling there until she was 11. Constantly being made fun of for her name being the same as the state she lived in, caused her to have few friends and have a general hate for people. Eventually her powers started to manifest and she decided to drop out of school, for fear of hurting someone. One day her father was killed by a wolf on a camping trip, running away from the camp. She traveled through Canada until her mother spoke to her in a dream, telling her where to go. She followed what her mother said and wound up at Camp Jupiter.
Cohort: 2
Notes: Her eyes glow Blue/White when she's using her powers.
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Alaska North ~ Daughter of Chione
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