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PostSubject: Rhyolo   Rhyolo Icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2018 4:16 pm

Name: Rhyolo Ruby
Age: 16
Gender: male
Sexuality: Straight
fc// (if there's one):

Country of Origin: United states
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Lexington, KY
Race: African-American
Skin color: Brown
Hair color: Black with blonde dyed tips
Eye color: Black
Height: 6’ 6”
Weight: 200 lbs
Body type: lean and muscular

God Parent: Pyriphlegethon
Mortal Parent: Jackie Ruby

Personality: Outside of the battlefield, Rhyolo is a pretty chill guy. He usually just minds his own business. You don’t mess with him he won’t bite at you. Though he does have this side of him where he has to stop for something that obviously isn’t right. He is kind of anti-social though. He likes to have few friends and keep that way. He is the guy that never fits in and just got used to it. Also he really is kind of a though guy. He rarely ever shows his emotions. In public at least. with him growing up and going through puberty he has learned to manage his spectrum of emotions while in public.  But once he is alone he lets them out. Also he really doesn’t trust anyone but a few close friends and that is if they are like family to him.  And then again that is rare because he barely has any friends to start. Rhyolo is also a very determined person. He will never give up on anything if he puts his mind to it.  His main goal is to become one of the if not the strongest demigod of all time. but that is not his only life ambition.  He also wishes to be an intelligent person. Not just your old run of the mill college professor but a person who knows a lot about many different cultures, other basic fundamentals, as well as just trivial knowledge. But despite all this Rhyolo is still a kid and loves being one. He also like to crack some jokes and be funny. Though almost all of his jokes are cringe worthy, he still attempts them and laughs at them.
On the battlefield however, Rhyolo is a different person. He may as well be the entire army of the Zulu tribe. He is a complete savage when it comes to power. First, Rhyolo will attack whit just brute force. For a while. Once he has seen your moves he will attack accordingly to take you out. When he is in battle he is deadly serious and/or extremely engulfed in rage. And unless this is a spar, training, or he plans to just spare you for some reason he aims every attack to kill. he will give it his full effort to in fighting because he never knows if it will be his last day on this earth. If he is fighting with you he sees no reason for you to exist to bother him or anyone else again. Rhyolo usually prefers to fight solo but he will fight with a team when necessary. Though he rarely ever groups up he is a good leader. He knows when his team is tired and when they are giving it they’re all. He also can know his team’s strengths and weaknesses in battle and use them to their advantage. He is also a firm believer in no man left behind. No matter what they contribute to the tam each member plays a part of the team and Rhyolo understands that and acts on it.
Talents: Fighting, cooking, music, videogames, and drawing.
Flaws (at least three): He can be hot headed, He has gaps in between his teeth and has an overbite , he can be lazy, and he can be to prideful to see when he’s wrong, and he can be too loyal.

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold): 1. He has two ruby encrusted ring which can turn into Celestial bronze Sai with the prongs being 6 inches long.
            2. He has a watch that can turn into a stygian iron katana of which the blade is 2 feet long
Abilities: 1. Death sense:  He can sense spirits lingering in a place.
          2.  Dead communication: he has a limited communication with the dead but he can vaguely understand them.
          3. Fire resistance: He is immune to fire up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Powers: 1. Pyrokinesis: He can create fire and control fire. He can manipulate flame up to about a volume of 7 feet cubed. His flame can vary from 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. He can do this for three post with a cooldown of five posts.
            2.  Healing fire: Since the Phlegethon can heal, Rhyolo has the power to conjure fire he can consume to heal himself for injuries as severe as a sprained ankle. he can also do cuts and bruises up to 2 inches cubed  He can do this with a 10 post cool-down period in between each use. he can only maintain the fire for two posts.
             3. Shadow travel: Rhyolo can shadow travel distances up to about 30 miles. He can do this twice per role play with a 10 post cool down period.
History: Rhyolo was born on at midnight on October 4th, 2000. He was born healthy to Jackie Moseley in Lexington, Kentucky. Rhyolo grew up in the small town of Lexington and had a normal life. Well almost a normal life. In Lexington nothing much happened. It is a small city in a not very populated state. in 2nd grade he developed a liking for basketball. he then started playing it for different kid's leagues ad became a good player. also in 3rd grade he came to like martial arts like, kung-fu, karate, taekwondo, and jiu jistu. so his mother singed up for martial arts classes and became a red belt by 5th grade. but since was a demigod monsters lurked. In 5th grade he was bullied. lucky for him he was able to beat him with his martial arts.  When he turned eleven his mother decided it was time for him to know the truth about his whole life. She told him he was the son of an ancient Greek god and that he was lucky to have lived through what he did. Then she told him there was a place for kids like him in New York and he was going to stay there for a while. Rhyolo was shocked and in denial. He didn’t believe any of word his mom just told him. He just laughed and expected for his mom to tell him it was just a cruel joke. But it never was. Rhyolo looked into his mother’s eyes and saw the mixture of emotions within her. He saw grief, relief anxiety, hope and sadness in his mom. He then realized he was a demigod.  The following week after he turned eleven he and his mom headed for camp half-blood. They went by car so it took then 4 days to get there. on the way there he asked how she knew about all this.  she then told him his father explained it all to her. he had told her about the camp, mist, and monsters during her 3rd trimester. They encountered  a pair of dracnae on the way but they all were turned into road kill with Firestone™️ tire tracks on them. When they arrived at the entrance to the camp they said their goodbyes. Tears were shed knowing that they would rarely see each other from that point forward. They held each other in a hug and then Rhyolo went into camp.
RP Sample (required for first form): Rhyolo walked to the entrance of the camp. The air was crisp and the autumn leaves of gold, red and brown littered the ground. He was wearing his blue jeans and his red hoodie with son black low tops. He looked at the scenery. The leaves multi colored and scattered. The tree top canopy with natural spotlights appearing randomly. The moist dirt under his feet squishing. This day reminded him of the day he first came here. To this demigod sanctuary. He reminisced on all his highs and lows at camp. He laughed to himself and said. “What a time.” He then took out his cell phone and dialed a number. The phone rand 3 times before someone picked up. Rhyolo said, “Hi mom.”
-music: because it tells a story and it is an universal language
-jokes: because it is a great way to break tension and lighten mood
-art: each piece tells its own story
-food: he just likes the different flavors of foods
-bullies: personally he had to deal with them so he doesn't like them.
-pessimists: they always make it seem like the odd are against them and bum Rhyolo out
-intolerance: it annoys him that when someone doesn't like someones way of life and persecutes them for it.
Former/current relationships: single and may be looking for someone to actually have a relationship with. (Unless cass has something to do with it!!!)
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PostSubject: Re: Rhyolo   Rhyolo Icon_minitimeThu May 24, 2018 5:19 pm

Yeah, I think I'll have something to do with it.
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