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 Liam Noel ~ Son of Bia

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PostSubject: Liam Noel ~ Son of Bia   Liam Noel ~ Son of Bia Icon_minitimeThu May 17, 2018 7:36 pm

Name: Liam Noel
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual, heteroaromatic

Personality: Creative, Courageous, Trustworthy, Imaginative, Honest, Flexible, Energetic, awkward in a cute kind of way, Dreamer, and a bit out of it, self-motivator, adaptable,
Liam's head is jam-packed with ideas and thoughts, some are grounded in reality others not so much. He tries to express himself creatively anytime he gets the chance, usually by drawing poorly and by writing songs. He sets lofty goals for himself and sets about meeting them. Some of the goals are a bit crazier than what most people would like to do. It is not in his nature to lie to anyone unless it is something that he is very insecure about or someone told them to not let anyone know that he knows a secret or something. He does not like telling lies. He is a very trusting person, though once his trust and respect are lost, it is very difficult to get them back. If a secret is confided in him, he won't tell it to anyone unless he was told it was okay, even if he was being tortured by a monster from his worst nightmares.
He adapts to almost any situation and acts slightly differently to what the situation calls for. Though his usually energetic "I have to be doing SOMETHING" attitude may or may not change. He is a little awkward sometimes, talking too fast then stumbling over his words or tripping on nothing. He might even spew out a thought or two that were hanging around in his mind from time to time. Though sometimes he might just be sitting there staring at a piece of paper or something not reacting much to it, this happens when his mind goes into hyper speed and starts daydreaming, which once the episode is over he could either write a song about it or draw something, maybe even write a little short story about his small act creative brilliance.
He doesn't believe everything that people say at first unless they provide evidence supporting their claim. He may even contentiously deny some truths that scare him or just doesn't like, for instance, that fact that monsters and some demons exist, the things from his nightmares. He is emotionally vulnerable, but not many people know except his closes friends this is because the bottles up all his emotions until they come out into he snaps into an emotional outburst, or until he's fed up with them and use them as motivation to push himself until he is emotionally and physically exhausted. Some of the signs that he is irritated is throwing, small objects, like cards or rocks, at other things, or just moving with no purpose at all, just to move as fast as he can until he stops from exhaustion. He might even sulk a bit by himself.

Flaws (three or more): Naive, Proud, Skeptical, Stubborn, Soft-Hearted, Demonophobia (Fear of demons and monsters), Has a long thin scar along his hip from a childhood accident, sometimes too emotionally driven, bottles up all his emotions
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair description: Brown, similar to dark milk chocolate
Height: 5'8"
Skin Tone: Peach-and-Cream kind of color
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Body structure: Mesomorph/Ectomorph
Other details?:

Place of Birth (city, state, country):
Mortal Parent: John Noel
God Parent: Bia, Goddess of Force and raw energy
Abilities (doesn't use energy to do): Absorbs the magical and kinetic energy around him, absorbs 5% of the energy of an attack.
Powers (uses energy to do): Telekinesis (6 post maximum use, 12 posts maximum cooldown),
Egrokinesis (5 post maximum use, 15 posts maximum cooldown),
Force Field (A energy shield that can take any shape 5 post maximum use, 10 posts maximum cooldown),
Can completely absorb the force from an attack and use the force in any way he pleases, plus he can add his own (can only use once per topic/day, it can completely drain him if he is not careful, or overload him with so much energy he can't handle),
kinetic energy manipulation (can change the amount of kinetic energy in an object, in any of 4 post maximum use, 8 posts maximum cooldown)

Pets (if any Smile: A black short hair Chihuahua (Has a big white spot on his chest) named Ashwin

History (four sentences or more): Liam and John lived in Melbourne Australia, for almost their entire lives, other than when Liam was born in Sydney. John was home as often as he possibly can to spend time with Liam, he even took him to work with him sometimes, allowing him to skip school, as he would be at a college so he would be learning anyway. He ended up teaching Liam loads about physics and a little about astronomy, mostly how physics work in space. Liam was bullied a bit in school, though it wasn't enough to actually bother him, and he knew that most that he bullied about were lies, but eventually, they landed on a touchy subject, the absence of his mother. Now that that is started getting to him he asked his dad more about his mother which he would just reply "You'll meet her eventually." He made friends with a bunch of people at school. Though there was one he was clearly closer to than the rest. His name was Robert, and he was arguably the most popular kid at school, though sometimes he would disappear for days at a time, and then show back up like nothing happened.
One day on the way home with Robert, the bullies from school decided to jump them in an alleyway, one of the shortcuts Robert and Liam took to get home faster, they lived next to each other after all. Then they changed there where two Empousa and two Ephialtes when they changed they tried to book it, running home yet taking a long route in order to try and lose them, but the Empousa and Ephialtes were much faster. Once they were surrounded for the second time Robert pulled some reed pipes and played what sound slightly sounded like an Irish jig. Then vines erupted from the ground, and when I say erupted I mean erupted, They wrapped around them and dragged them down to the floor. When some burned away more just came and replaced them. Soon the vines went back into the ground and their places were piles of golden ashes. They quickly made their way back to Liam's and Robert quickly explained to Liam's father, Robert even added in some details that Liam wasn't even aware of (though it scared him half to literal death) and then John gave them a ride to the airport and a couple hundred dollars. He put them on a plane to New York. Which from there Robert lead Liam to Camp Half-Blood. A week after he got to camp Half-Blood he received a letter from his dad, it explained a lot of things to him, and to give him some comfort, he told Liam that he even had adopted a small black chihuahua in his area and told him to pick him up, and that he named him Ashwin, it meant stars, which were the one of the two things that kept him up at night in awe. The other was kept him up out of pure and utter fear.

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PostSubject: Re: Liam Noel ~ Son of Bia   Liam Noel ~ Son of Bia Icon_minitimeThu May 17, 2018 7:39 pm


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Liam Noel ~ Son of Bia
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